New refrigerated and heated display cases at Interspar am Schottentor

At the grand opening in Vienna of the Interspar flagship branch at the Schottentor, nothing's been left to chance when it comes to perfect product presentation. Approximately 30 new cooling and heating devices from IDEAL AKE are being used here, all of them meeting the high demands in terms of technology, design and flexibility – letting elegance and high-tech merge seamlessly.
Fleisch- und Wursttheke mit Fleischreifeschrank im Hintergrund

Following the restrictions on classic gastro offers, the food retail sector has recently become even more the focus of the market and the consumer. Proven models were quickly brought back before the curtain. Caleo, for example, a multifunctional center unit for hot, cold and neutral product presentation – or Papillio, a flexible, modular center unit concept for self-service and service in one – hot or cold. Designed and manufactured in the heart of Austria especially for Interspar, the cheese display cabinet is a novelty for grocers of all store sizes. Fully glazed, equipped with energy-efficient air-conditioning technology that allows the temperature and humidity to be individually adjusted to the cheese, this sales showcase is an all-round talent in the fields of technology and design. The double-tiered meat ripening and display cabinet is also an exciting novelty for retailers in this form. The units are stackable thanks to the reinforced shelves, making them an appetizing eye-catcher even for higher store areas, and they can also serve a space-saving additional purpose on site. The identical design with different technology results in a symbiotic style element that reflects a tidy store image and creates a coherent overall design.

With these technical innovations, IDEAL AKE can cover further market demands in addition to the well-known sales and self-service display cases, further supporting the premise of energy efficiency and durability of its equipment as a benefit for business partners.

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