Quality and responsibility

Things that are important to us form the basis of our success

The continuous improvement of quality and user-friendliness of our products are the focus, which is why we have acted according to unshakeable principles for over 70 years.

Think fresh - taking new paths - using proven foundations Principles upon which we build

The world in which we live is becoming faster, the competition tougher and the challenges greater. We are thrilled by this development, but mainly we look forward to it.

That is because for more than 70 years, we have acted on immutable principles, which have always been a good and secure foundation for us. They are the source of our creativity and inspiration; they give us strength for innovations, remind us to be responsible to nature and let us take new paths with the right partners. We are ready for a successful future.

Customer orientation

We listen attentively to our customers, understand their wishes and requirements, and develop individual and innovative solutions that inspire.


The enjoyment of challenges and enthusiasm for technology drive us forward. That is how products and concepts come into being, which revolutionise the market.


We see the present as an important foundation for a future that is worth living. Our products are a contribution to the responsibility for the environment and society that we live out.


Trendsetting products and concept solutions best arise through the bundling of individual strengths. Joint know-how and partner-like competence develop from this.

Long-term decisions

Thinking in terms of quarterly results is not part of our business approach.Instead, we regard long-term decision-making as vital to success, while nature and its protection represent our motivation for the development of environment-friendly products.

We view our employees as offering the greatest potential for the creation of even better solutions. While our customers and partners constitute the multipliers on our shared path to a successful future.

Testing room

Improvement of the quality and user-friendliness of our products are always the central focus of our actions. To maintain the constantly increasing level, we have established processes that preserve that which already exists and channel new ideas. This naturally also includes the ongoing material and functional checks in our labs.

Prüfraum für Kältetechnik