EuroShop 2023

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5 days of innovation, 5 days of latest trends, 5 days of lively discussions – EuroShop 2023 ended on March 2nd

Take Away Basic

The perfect display case for impulse purchases.The heated display case with climate function presents hot dishes and snacks so they are easy to reach. Integrated Easy Change System for open and closed operation as well as for optimising off-peak periods. Cooled beverages are offered in the bottle cooler in the base.
Verkaufsvitrine mit Warenrutsche für Getränke

Hot Vario® 1

This compact and modular heated display case is the perfect take-away solution. Innovative circulating air technology ensures consistent temperatures for your packaged hot snacks.

Hot Vario® 2

This compact and modular heated display case is the perfect take-away solution. Innovative circulating air technology ensures stable temperatures for your packaged hot snacks on 2 levels.
Wärmevitrine für Gastro

Refrigerated island

Optimised cooling of foods and appealing product presentation: with its innovative cooling technology and insulated glass frame, the refrigerated island showcases products perfectly, with temperature class M1. The unit is perfectly designed for the sale of all types of packaged products – especially sensitive food such as steaks, grilled meat, fish, cheese, etc.
Kühlinsel für Gastronomie und Lebensmitteleinzelhandel

Hot Vario®

Due to these features and the filigree, easily integrable design, the world novelty was awarded by a jury of experts at the Innovation Award Architecture + Presentation at EuroShop!

Snacky Cool

Freshly prepared in front of the customers and served immediately. SNACKY offers everything you need for a successful all-day concept and maximised turnover, in a very small space: attractive presentation space, optimised stocking and easy handling.

Vario® Food Counter Switch

Display case switchable between hot and cold for optimised product temperatures when you vary your product range. Transparent design, high-quality presentation and easy handling.
Umschaltbare Vitrine

Deep Comfort E

The absolute highlight of the entire series! The steam generator in the base ensures the perfect temperature and humidity. After a short preheating time, the unit provides consistent steam and reliably ensures constant steaming of the interior – even in self-service mode.
Wärmevitrine mit Unterbau

Deep Comfort XL

NEW: Comfort-Line as an XL model5 x 1/1 GN trays plus additional 5 × 1/3 GN trays for extensive product variety. The steam generator in the substructure ensures perfect temperature and humidity.
Wärmevitrine mit Unterbau

EuroShop 2023 – Düsseldorf, Germany

The IDEAL AKE team looks back euphorically on the trade fair appearance.
Peter HabersatterCEO
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With our appearence at EuroShop, we have taken up the topics that are currently occupying the industry: Energy costs and energy efficiency, F-gases and eco-design, as well as new innovative concepts for the food retail sector.
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Closing time 🍾 The #EuroShop 2023 is over. We would like to thank all partners, customers & colleagues for this unique trade fair appearance! 👉 see you @ #EuroShop2026


Caleo stages products perfectly, and can be combined in any way you like. From hot snacks to fresh sushi, from salad or fruit to bread or sandwiches – always just right, whatever the time of day! The versatile system unit, which is supplied above all for solutions in the growth area in the middle of the shop, offers almost no restrictions for customers due to its low overall height and all-round visibility. Whether your goods are hot, cold or unrefrigerated: Through the strategic placement of convenience food at arm’s length, Caleo presents products optimally for the demand throughout the day, focussing on new or fresh products to stimulate quick, impulse buying.
Caleo Insel

Coffee station

Sheer pleasure from efficient handling. Everything is within easy reach, clean and hygienic, and systematically structured – this coffee station offers premium processing quality, with many details to make your work easier.
Kaffeestation für Gastronomie

Cake Tower

The elegant design, compact dimensions and best possible temperature stability make our Cake Tower one of a kind. This energy-saving display case with efficient propane refrigeration technology and insulation glazing is the perfect choice for presenting your cakes and gateaux.

Delicious Sushi

Delicious Sushi combines modern refrigeration technology and elegant design. This self-service display case has been specially designed and tested for sensitive foodstuffs such as sushi. The stepped design of Delicious Sushi offers your customers a perfect view of all the products you offer.
Selbstbedienungsvitrine für Sushi

Our products are distributed exclusively through retailers

Make Art® 160 Cool Stone

The Make Art® Cool Stone is a compact all-in-one solution to safely store and process sensitive food such as raw fish and meat directly in front of the customers. Thanks to a refrigerated cutting surface, the cold chain remains uninterrupted, even during preparation.

Kühlunterbau Make Art


Perfect corner element for crushed ice available in customised design for the impressive presentation on crushed ice.
Kühlwanne crush

Display Tower 138

Optimal refrigeration starts by selecting the right refrigeration unit. Sensitive food places special demands on the refrigeration technology. Factors such as temperature and humidity are crucial for correct storage, presentation and a long product shelf life.

Make Art® 160 Snack

The Make Art® 160 Snack with refrigerated base is perfectly designed for preparing sandwiches and snacks. The crumb tray enables clean working – together with the refrigerated base and refrigerated ingredient section, this is the ideal solution for efficient concepts in confined spaces

Kühlunterbau für die Zubereitung von Snacks

Individual Design

Easy handling

Made in Austria

Sustainable construction

Cool Boxes

Fresh box without vending machine technology – the unique 24/7 pick-up system. Cool Boxes make long queues and classic opening hours a thing of the past.
Frischebox zum Abholen von Produkten

Green HCOE

Our new HCO series has now been upgraded to a green version. The 3M1 temperature range extends the area of use of this open self-service display case. Maximum product pressure via increased shelf depth and 4 levels.

Brillant refrigerated display case

Grab and Go is the current trend. With our self-service display cases you will be perfectly equipped with the best solution, whether for a restaurant, canteen or convenience store.
Selbstbedienungsvitrine für Restaurants, Kantinen oder Convenience Stores

Cool - Hot - Neutral

To perfectly display round-the-clock concepts, many projects nowadays need refrigerated, heated and unrefrigerated units, all in as little space as possible. Our combined display cases were designed to meet these requirements.

To the virtual trade fair tour

For all those who did not have the opportunity to attend the trade fair or who would like to experience the EuroShop again: With our virtual trade fair tour, you have the opportunity to explore the trade fair stand including the IDEAL AKE innovations in 3D!

Open cooling tower

Space-saving self-service cooling tower with an elegant design, compatible with Hot Cube tower series from IDEAL AKE. Innovative cold and hot solution for packaged products for fast self-service.

Hot Vario® 4

This compact and modular circulating-heat tower is the perfect take-away solution. Innovative circulating air technology ensures consistent temperatures for your packaged hot snacks.

Cool Bottle RG

Cool Bottle is the perfect grab & go unit for offering cold beverages and packaged products. The integrated product slide ensures that products are replaced automatically to keep the unit looking fully stocked.
Cool Bottle zum anbieten von kalten Getränken

Make Art® 160 Cool

This multifunctional workbench with refrigerated storage offers individual options for preparing and finishing dishes such as flatbreads, burgers and wok dishes right in front of your guests.
multifunktionaler Arbeitstisch mit gekühlter Bevorratung

Make Art®

Freshly prepared in front of the guest: A topic that is becoming increasingly important for the food retail industry due to the change in gastronomic concepts. The Make Art® tables, showcased for the first time at EuroShop, are perfect for minimal space concepts due to their flexibility and compactness.

Make Art® 160 Hot

This multifunctional workbench with hot storage in the base is perfectly designed for preparing hot grab & go dishes, but also for preparing and offering complete meals.
multifunktionaler Arbeitstisch mit Hot Storage im Unterbau für Speisen

Green cooling tower

The new insulation glass cooling tower provides flexible use and linear design. Whether used as a presentation tower or self-service solution, the Green Cooling Tower from IDEAL AKE will keep your products perfectly chilled at 3M1.

Packaging station

Efficient packaging of goods: everything is within easy reach, clean and hygienic, and systematically structured – the Packaging Station from IDEAL AKE.
Packstation zum verpacken von Lebensmitteln

Food preparation station

Everything is within easy reach, clean and hygienic, and systematically structured – the refrigerated base unit series from IDEAL AKE. Premium processing quality and reliable technology guarantee a long product shelf life.
Belegestation für Gastronomie