Flexible product presentation, right in the heart of the shop

Caleo stages products perfectly, and can be combined in any way you like. From hot snacks to fresh sushi, from salad or fruit to bread or sandwiches — always just right, whatever the time of day!

Caleo Air Tower

IDEAL AKE has developed a modular concept for flexible and safe product presentation. A wide variety of frames, glass enclosures and accessories are available to perfectly adapt the refrigerated well with convection cooling to different requirements. Optimised airflow enables M1 temperature range.

Umluftkühlwanne zur flexiblen Präsentation von Waren

Caleo Basic

New: with an additional intermediate shelf Integrate our new air-conditioned heated display case Caleo Basic into your planning – a high-end self-service solution for hot products. The focus on longer freshness is ensured by means of humidification and a stable core temperature.
Klimawärmevitrine als hochwertige SB Lösung für Heißprodukte

Caleo Cold

Optimal product cooling with appealing product presentation. Thanks to the innovative refrigeration technology, Caleo Cold perfectly displays your products with temperature class M1.

Caleo with Hot Vario 3

This compact and modular heated display case is easily integrated into the front of a Caleo unit and is the perfect solution for selling packaged hot snacks.

Caleo Neutral

Caleo showcases your products perfectly and can be combined in any way you want. Hot, cold or non-refrigerated products: by strategically placing convenience food within easy reach, Caleo presents your products optimally round the clock and highlights new or fresh products.
Caleo Vitrine für die Präsentation von Waren