Deep Comfort now, too, as an “XL” variation

The sale and presentation of warm meals represents challenges to many providers: If the temperature range is too high or in case things stay in the display case for too long, goods can dry out. On the other hand, if heat development is too low inside of the cabinet, this can result in unwanted loss of the core temperature. The use of heating cabinets with active humidifying is perfect for exactly these requirements.
Deep Comfort Vitrine

“Our Comfort Line devices are equipped with a steam generator. This continuously creates visible water vapour after a short heating time for permanent wafting in the interior space,” explains AKE’s manager, Klaus Gaiswinkler. “This ensures sustainable heating, as well as visually appealing freshness of food.”

A new development is that the Comfort Line is now also available as an “XL” variation. “We continuously improve our units and implement the needs of the market, our customers, and our partners. For this reason, we expanded our Comfort Line with an XL variation.” The Comfort XL features five 1/1 GN containers, plus space for five additional 1/3 GN containers. “This includes numerous advantages during use. For example, in the front of the case, towards the customers, a 1/1-GN container with the main meals can be inserted. And in the rear area, the sauce that goes with it,” informs Andreas Schäfer, Key Account Manager at IDEAL AKE.

In this case, the innovative heated display case combines state-of-the-art technology with a stylish, timeless look. Thanks to the filigree design of the glass construction and the optimised illumination of the interior, the perfect presentation of the food is ensured, also thanks to active humidifying across longer periods. Integrated and removable hygienic cutting boards on the serving side make it easier for staff to handle. The development also makes considerations to avoid unnecessary edges and corners on the inside to enable quick and simple cleaning of the device.

The new Deep Comfort XL is only one of numerous innovations from the IDEAL AKE that are presented within the framework of EuroShop from 26/02–02/03/2023.

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