AKE awarded with the austrian coat of arms

On October 30, 2014, State Secretary Harald Mahrer awarded Ausseer Kälte- und Edelstahl GmbH for its exceptional performance in apprentice training and presented the seal of approval “State Awarded Training Company”.

Apprentice training has a long and good tradition at AKE. The award signifies the recognition of these achievements and acknowledges the high quality of training and the great commitment of those responsible for training.

At AKE in Pichl-Kainisch, 17 apprentices are currently being trained and have access to a 400 m2 training workshop. Here they learn the basics of metal processing on all the relevant state-of-the-art machines. Special remedial training prepares the young people for their final apprenticeship examinations. There are also joint activities for all apprentices, such as excursions, company visits and project work. Responsible for the apprenticeship training is the dedicated training manager Franz Neuhuber, who sees the award as a seal of quality for the exceptional performance of the training.