Our summer highlight for the Ultrafresh cut salads growth segment.

For freshness-oriented business, appealing freshness and convenience offers are a significant differentiator within this highly competitive segment. The demand for salads is increasing, also because salads are now being offered as to-go products for "healthy snacking," and the trend towards a more conscious diet is boosting sales. 
Especially in the upcoming summer months, fresh salads are a valued meal. Consumers, in particular young SINGLES, DINKS (Double Income No Kids) and LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) have special demands, like to grab salads, and are growing target groups. 
Particularly for these requirements, our Ultrafresh salad bar offers a transparent, modern design, optimal presentation of goods and convenient self-service for the customer. Careful cooling with gentle air curtain cooling ensures lasting freshness and perfect food quality. Practical details like

  • Perfect View
  • Easy Handling
  • Careful Cooling
  • Easy Cleaning

are a relief for operators and customers alike.Enjoyment is thereby assured and profitable: fast product rotation through permanent freshness!

Our Ultrafresh salad bar offers not only maximum space in the smallest area, but is also suitable for changing cold-hot operation with the optional switch function. This fills the notion of cross-selling in the best way and provides maximum flexibility to respond to the demand at different times of the day. 

cooling and warming devices from IDEAL-AKE offer the best solution for fresh demands. Flexibility in use, maximum space efficiency and easy handling are most important to us. Are you interested in further information? Our trained sales team will be happy to answer your questions and to advise you in detail on your individual requirements. Send us your request to sales@ake.at or call us at +43 3624 21100 - 0.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.