Tropical Switch Flaps

Switchable self-service display case with soft-close removal flaps with integrated window ventilation for the presentation of hot or cold snacks. Minimum space required for a generous assortment of products. Perfect hygiene and stress-free product removal.

Switch unit: Two in One. Heating and refrigeration system combined in one unit. Easy to switch over, practical to use and perfect space savings – optimal for reaction to time-of-day based demand.

Combination unit: Practically combined with all FOODSTATION modules (Hot Flaps, Cold Flaps, Switch Flaps & Neutral Flaps) as well as with Tropical Flaps. Diverse range of products with small footprint. Compact unit solutions with different temperature ranges combined beside each other. Easy handling and impulse buying guaranteed. 

Integrated window ventilation: No condensate formation on the soft-close removal flaps thanks to the integrated window ventilation with double air-curtain.

Soft close: Relaxed product removal. Gentle opening and quiet, soft closing. Effortless food removal with just one hand thanks to the removal flaps with the soft-close system. At the same time, they provide protection against spit and coughing and help to ensure energy efficiency.

Mirror effect: Operator side with mirrored hinged door made of one-way mirror for visual multiplication of the selection of food and for optical expansion of the sales area.


  • Self-service display case with switch function for quick switchover possibility between cold and hot operation – optimally matched to 24/7 operation
  • Display case that can be used in a variety of ways for the presentation of cold or hot snacks on multiple levels
  • No condensate formation on the soft-close removal flaps thanks to the integrated window ventilation (double air-curtain)
  • Heating mode: With infrared supporting heat and primary heat below the black glass presentation area – settable by means of pictogram control
  • Cooling mode: Air-curtain cooled display case for the best-possible energy efficiency in ongoing operation: remote refrigeration display case with evaporation temperature of -8 °C, which complies with the latest requirements of remote refrigeration systems; temperature control by means of a control unit with temperature display
  • Inclined positioning of the intermediate shelf made of black glass for first-class view of the product assortment and optimum temperature transmission to the products
  • Soft-close removal flaps made of tempered safety glass with integrated soft-close system for convenient food removal; optimum spit and cough protection and the best energy efficiency
  • Hinged door on operator side made of insulated glass with two-way mirror
  • Side windows made of insulating glass
  • Transparent construction
  • Self-contained: with refrigerant R134a; Remote refrigeration: expansion valve R134a, connection lines lead out downwards
  • Fully automatic condensate evaporation for self-contained model; drain required on-site for remote refrigeration, or a condensate tray as an option
  • Long-lasting LED lighting per level
  • Easiest cleaning and perfect hygiene


  • Air
    +2 °C
  • Product hot
    > +65 °C
  • Product cold
    3M1: -1 °C to +5 °C
  • Surroundings
    +25 °C and max. 60% RH