Self-service display cases


  • Customer side: air curtain cooled self-service display case with soft-close flaps
  • Operator side: hinged doors made of insulated glass with one-way mirror
  • Condensate: fully-automated condensate evaporation for self-contained design, for remote refrigeration, drain required on-site or condensate tray as an optional extra
  • Extended freshness: special climate system that protects the products against drying out too quickly, which optimally ensures the quality and freshness.
  • Easy access: soft-close flaps with soft-close system for convenient food removal with just one hand.
  • Mirror effect: hinged doors made of one-way mirrors for visual multiplication of the product presentation.
  • Soft-close flaps as protection against spit and coughing as well as to ensure energy efficiency.
  • Inclined adjustable intermediate shelf for firstclass view of the entire Grab & Go offer and high transparency.
  • LED lighting with natural colour reproduction on all display levels for an attractive product presentation.
  • Quick cleaning: totally easy cleaning of the display case after use thanks to the foldup glass cover, cleaning possibility of the soft-close flaps on both sides, removable glass shelves and lift-up evaporator.
  • Best-possible energy efficiency in ongoing operation: remote refrigeration display case with evaporation temperature of -6 °C, which complies with the latest requirements of remote refrigeration systems.
  • Combination unit for FOODSTATION Hot Flaps and Neutral Flaps as well as COOL BOTTLE


  • Air
    +5 °C
  • Product cold
    M2: -1 °C to +7 °C
  • Surroundings
    +25 °C and max. 60% RH

Self-service display cases: FOODSTATION Cold Flaps


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      Self-service display cases: FOODSTATION Cold Flaps


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      Foodstation Cold Flaps

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