Self-service display cases

COOL Bottle

  • Combination unit for all FOODSTATION Flaps and can be used stand-alone
  • Customer side: Grab & Go display case with bottle slider
  • Service side: fully extractable drawer for uncomplicated stocking
  • Grab & Go: refrigerated display case open on the customer side for attractive presentation of refrigerated beverages.
  • Perfect view: first-class overview of the entire product range through inclined presentation levels.
  • Bottle slider: always well stocked sales front through automatic gravity feed of the bottles after a product is removed; positive effect through seeing a complete range of products.
  • Variable hook-in frame for adaptation to the different dimensions of the products.
  • Attractive product presentation thanks to LED lighting with natural colour reproduction.
  • Fully extractable drawer on the operator side for easy and uncomplicated stocking, fast refilling or a quick change of products – to be able to react immediately to customer demands based on the time of day.
  • Quick cleaning: cleaning in no time at all thanks to the removable bottle slider, easy to remove hook-in frame. Removable drawer unit and lift-up evaporator.


  • Air
    +5 °C
  • Product
    M2: -1 °C to +7 °C
  • Surroundings
    +25 °C and max. 60% RH