Cold Plates (static cooling)


  • Static cooling through contact tubing.
  • Only suitable for short-term cooling of the products. Longer-term, permanent cooling is not possible with this. Suitable for GN baking trays 1/1.
  • Completely made of CNS 1.4301
  • All sides polished
  • Bottom with contact tubing
  • Display area with a slightly beaded hook-in edge for any condensate that forms
  • Control with temperature display
  • Self-contained: refrigeration unit located underneath, with protective guard for condenser, including fastening straps
  • Remote refrigeration: without expansion valve (accessory), refrigeration lines (diameter 8 mm), connection lines lead out downwards, including mechanical thermostat in the metal box

Cold Plates (static cooling): Gastronorm


Title Art Nr. Price

Electronic thermostat for static cooling, for self-contained models with R134a

253620 216,00 € *

Expansion valve for static cooling (specify refrigerant and valve type)

190210 192,00 € *

Without controller (for remote refrigerated models)

Price reduction

253664 -40,00 € *

Without beaded edge

on request

Custom sizes

on request

* Suggested retail price in EURO without VAT

Cold Plates (static cooling): Gastronorm


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* Suggested retail price in EURO without VAT