Flat deck

  • Presentation at countertop level.
  • At least 3-sided glass enclosure required.
  • Condensate: drain required on-site or condensate tray as an option.
  • Circulating air fin coil evaporator with presentation area, pressure-relieved, can be folded up and rinsed.
  • To be hooked in with a hook-in rim and installation frame or for installation underneath the countertop.
  • Pressure-foamed inside tank in a hygienic design.
  • Condensate drain HD 30.
  • Control unit with temperature display, speed control of the fan, as well as on/off switch.
  • Self-contained: refrigeration unit in compressor compartment below – easy to pull out.
  • Remote refrigeration: expansion valve for R134a, connection lines lead out downwards


  • Air
    +4 °C for stacking limit of 60 mm
  • Product
    M2: -1 to +7 °C for stacking limit of 60 mm
  • Surroundings
    +25 °C and max. 60% RH

Bakery: Flat deck


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      Bakery: Flat deck


      Title Art Nr. Price

      Condenser protection

      253610 85,00 € *

      Base deck 400 x 600 mm, flat, each

      253679 59,00 € *

      Condensate drip tray

      (to empty manually)

      253655 85,00 € *

      Additional switch in control unit including wiring

      253656 30,00 € *

      Without controller and without speed control (only for remote refrigeration models)

      Price reduction

      253657 -241,00 € *

      Without installation frame

      Price reduction, see accessories and options

      Refrigeration unit swivel-mounted, 0° to 8 °C

      on request

      Energy-optimised configuration for evap. @ -6 °C (only for remote refrigeration models)

      on request

      * Suggested retail price in EURO without VAT

      Bakery: Flat deck


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