Display cases for cheese

with intermediate shelves of CNS

  • Housing all of grade 1.4301 chromium-nickel steel; all visible sides polished.
  • Interior: 2 height-adjustable intermediate shelves of CNS (glass shelves optional)
  • Energy optimized handling: self-closing sliding doors (surcharge).
  • Option: with or without GN base.
  • Display case: coated fin coil evaporator with circulating air; 1 power socket 230 V or 400 V; interior lighting for presentation of cheese; insulated glass sliding doors.
  • Base: fin coil evaporator of CNS with circulating air; door units with 3 height-adjustable support rails, 1 intermediate shelf. For a surcharge: with drawers.
  • Both display case and base with expansion valve for R134a and electronic controller; fully automatic defrost; condensate drain required on-site!


  • Air
    Display case: +2 °C to +8 °C, Base: -2 °C to +8 °C
  • Product
    M1: -1 °C to +5 °C
  • Surroundings
    +25 °C and max. 60% RH

Refrigerated display cases for meat or cheese

Examples of use