Vario Food Counter

Vario Food Counter Cool

The Vario Food Counter is a new combination unit that provides answers to the currently prevailing trend for freshly prepared and customised meals in bowls. The optimised air flow and raised glass cover guarantee that temperature class M1 is achieved; the additional refrigerated base provides the necessary storage capacity, especially during very busy periods.

  • Raised operator side for optimal handling or for a possible combination with other units such as the Vario Food Counter Hot
  • Maximum transparency with optimised M1 temperature range
  • Practical inserts and accessories for fast and efficient handling
  • Optimal combination unit for fresh preparation and storage
  • Pressure-foamed inner well in a hygienic design
  • Coated, fold-up and rinseable circulating air fin coil evaporator, low-voltage fan


  • Air
    +2 °C
  • Product
    M1: -1 °C to +5 °C
  • Surroundings
    +25 °C and max. 60% RH

Refrigerated Display Cases for Assisted Service

Examples of use