Waste coolers

for 120 or 240 litre bins

  • High-grade material quality: housing completely of grade 1.4301 chromium nickel steel.
  • Evaporator of CNS: highly corrosion resistant, with natural air circulation.
  • Easy cleaning: by means of water jet or steam pressure cleaner.

All visible sides polished; optimum cleaning and hygiene due to smooth inside surfaces; cold room without electrical components. Electronic control unit (for surcharge for models without installation compartment), fully automatic air defrost. Condensate connection on-site or use of the integrated condensate drawer.

  • CNS plate evaporator on back.
  • Doors with magnetic sealing frame.
  • Filling opening with CNS hinged lid..
  • Accurate positioning of the different bin sizes for the filling opening.
  • Self-contained: refrigeration unit built into the compressor compartment.
  • Remote: expansion valve installed for R134a, lines feed into the installation compartment or alternatively for surcharge for models without installation compartment.


  • Air
    +2 °C to +15 °C
  • Product
    M2: -1 °C to +7 °C
  • Surroundings
    +30 °C and max. 55% RH