• Automatic programs

    With 7 different automatic programs, perfect results are pre-programmed. Depending on whether you want to keep fish, meat, vegetables or any other food hot in your heated display cases, you can do so with ease thanks to the 7 pre-defined programs.

  • Bottle-Slider

    Easy removal. Automatic replenishment of the bottles for greatest possible product pressure and a sales front that is always well stocked. Variable hook-in frame for adaptation to the different dimensions of the products.

  • Brine

    For a surcharge, we offer refrigeration equipment that is suitable for the climate-friendly refrigerant brine for remote refrigeration units.

  • Combination unit

    Practically combined. Diverse range of products with small footprint. Compact unit solutions with different temperature ranges combined in one unit. Easy handling and impulse buying guaranteed.

  • CO₂

    For a surcharge, we offer refrigeration equipment that is suitable for the climate-friendly refrigerant CO2 for remote refrigeration units.

  • Easy Change

    Slide-in front glass, therefore it can be used optionally as a service or self-service display case - in one simple step and without a tool.

  • Easy Clean

    Optimal cleaning and perfect hygienic thanks to clever, product-specific features.

  • Easy Filling

    Conscious reminder. Our BASIC Line display cases remind you visually and acoustically every three to four hours to top up the water. Practical filling of the water tray on the operator side completely without having to remove the product.

  • Electric roller blind

    Electrically operated roller blind integrated in the cover of the unit for energy-saving operation outside of business hours.

  • Energy Efficient

    Units with this sign have very high energy efficiency. We are prepared to adapt all units to an energy-optimised design to meet customer requirements. Optional on request.

  • External controller

    On request and for a surcharge, we are happy to integrate a cooling controller that differs from our standard, to be provided by you depending on the requirement, or also obtained by us for you.

  • Flush fronts

    All IDEAL AKE bases are produced flush mounted. This means there are no protruding drawers, doors or handles. For the user this means less risk of injury due to avoided abutting edges.

  • Fresh preparing

    Perfect freshness. Stocking of cold as well as hot food and ingredients under the pull-out cutting boards for day-to-day operations as well as for individual customer requests.

  • Full extension drawer

    By pulling out the drawer beyond the frame of the unit, trays and plates even filled with liquids can be easily and cleanly removed and replaced. Carrying capacity 45 kg.

  • H3 hygienic class

    For compliance with the H3 hygiene standard, we offer the inner body with leak-proof welded, joint-free edges and curves with a radius of at least 20 mm.

  • Heavy duty drawers

    Our heavy duty drawers provide very high stability and carrying capacity even for higher product weight such as wine or beer kegs, for example. Carrying capacity up to 100 kg.

  • Height-adjustable feet

    Our refrigerated counters and bases can be obtained with height-adjustable feet in any height between 85 and 200 mm, or alternatively moveable on casters at a height of 150 mm (partly lockable). Plinth covers are available as an option for height-adjustable feet.

  • High-quality materials

    All IDEAL AKE units are made with the highest quality materials such as, for example, CNS 1.4301 (chromium nickel steel). All glass, panes or shelves are made either of high-quality tempered safety glass, insulating glass or acrylic glass.

  • IDEAL Controller

    The IDEAL controller PCB can be used universally for all IDEAL AKE units. It controls up to three cooling zones and features an easy to operate display with a plaintext menu function. An early warning system, which is also integrated, ensures quick fault detection.

  • Individual design

    We already offer an extensive range of standard products. However, if you can't find an answer to your requirements there, we would be happy to develop your customised unit together with you.

  • Insulating glass

    Many of our units are also equipped with insulating glass so that they work optimally even with increased external heat radiation or with extreme environmental effects.

  • Leak-proof bottom tray

    Our bottom trays are welded leak-proof with an additional, integrated hygienic seam. This makes sure that liquids that leak cannot drip out at the front.

  • LED lighting

    Brilliant display case lighting for attractive product presentation. Long-lasting, heat-resistant LED lighting with natural colour reproduction on all presentation levels ensures good and energy-saving illumination of your products.

  • Manual night roller blind

    Integrated manual night roller blind in a practical roller blind box. Smoothly adjustable; mounted on the glass cover for optimum energy savings outside of shop opening hours.

  • Mirror effect

    Depending on the unit, back wall made of reflective sheet metal or the operator side with mirrored hinged doors made of one-way mirror for visual multiplication of the selection of food and for optical expansion of the sales area. Units partly equipped with additional fold-up mirror for visual multiplication of the food.

  • Once a Day

    From morning to evening. A tank system in the base provides a water reserve of approximately 12 hours when operated at full load. Easy removal of the water tank for daily filling, as well as acoustic and visual indicator of the water requirement.

  • Pictogram control

    Intuitive, easy and fast operation of your climate heated display case thanks to modern pictogram control with humidity, infrared supporting heat and primary heat.

  • Plinth / plinth cover

    Our refrigerated counters and bases can be ordered optionally with or without a plinth (any height between 25 and 150 mm). See the "Accessories and options" for the respective products.

  • Powder coating

    For a look that is even more individual, the majority of IDEAL AKE units can also be ordered with any RAL colour for a surcharge.

  • Primary heat

    Perfect heat transmission to containers and interior air. This causes product to stay hot longer with an optimum core temperature.

  • Propane

    Propane as a refrigerant has the designation R-290 and will replace all other standards in the future. It has low global warming potential, no ozone depletion potential, but is combustible and must therefore be considered separately from a safety perpective.

  • Robust

    First-class materials, longstanding know-how and highly technological production guarantee you units with robustness that is hard to beat even after many years of use. The difference is appreciable and proven above all in practical handling.

  • Self-closing sliding doors

    Ensures that a constant inside temperature is maintained by preventing extended open times and thereby helps to keep energy consumption low.

  • Soft-Open / Soft-Close

    Relaxed product removal. Gentle opening and quiet, soft closing. Effortless food removal with just one hand thanks to the removal flaps with the soft-open and soft-close system. At the same time, they provide protection against spit and coughing and help to ensure energy efficiency.

  • Steam generator

    Display case with constant humidification of the food for the highest possible product quality. Operation of the fully-automatic steam generator via the pictogram control system by a simple tap of the finger and immediate response of the humidification.

  • Supporting heat

    Radiant heat from infrared heating. The heat that is directed from top to bottom provides a supporting effect for assurance of the optimum surface temperature and core temperature of your products.

  • Switch unit

    Two in One. Heating and refrigeration system combined in one unit. Easily switched over, practical to use and perfect space savings. Optimal for reacting to time-of-day-based demand.