Customer side with flaps

Kristall glass enclosure

  • Customer side: flaps made of acrylic glass
  • Operator side: sliding doors made of insulating glass
  • Outside and inside CNS 1.4301.
  • All sides polished.
  • Base plate closed
  • Side windows and 2 intermediate shelves made of tempered safety glass.
  • Intermediate shelves, height and incline adjustable.
  • Interior lighting per level placed horizontally and protected. LED – default colour is white (also pastry colours as an alternative).
  • Interior suitable for GN 1/1. Hinged doors are necessary for GN 1/1 stocking for the 80-series display cases (no surcharge). Please specify when ordering.
  • Wiring leads out downward – without light switch.

Non-Refrigerated Display Cases

Examples of use