Refrigerated cake display cases


  • Customer side: panoramic window made of insulating glass with high transparency
  • Operator side: bottommost display area with fully extendable drawer; pull-out glass shelf for easy product removal; flaps with mirror effect; service station
  • NEW - Particularly easy to clean thanks to an insulating glass lid equipped with gas pressure dampers.
  • Best possible climate and temperature stability at peak times due to an automatic fan stop when the flaps are opened.
  • All flaps with pull-out glass shelves for particularly easy handling and safe and quick cleaning.
  • Optimum storage and presentation of goods that require increased air humidity, such as cream cakes and cakes - air humidity of 85%.
  • The Soft-Open and Soft-Close function guarantees a particularly quiet and damped opening and closing of the flaps and supports removal and refilling.
  • Spit and sneeze guard: when open, the flaps serve as an additional spit and sneeze guard and ensure energy efficiency.
  • Double LED lighting ensures correct illumination and optimum presentation of the goods.
  • Product pressure: the mirror effect on the flaps creates optimum product pressure.
  • Price tag holders: the removable acrylic glass price tag holders ensure maximum transparency and act as a goods stopper at the same time.
  • Folding evaporator and hygiene tub are standard features.


  • Air
    +2 °C
  • Product
    M1: -1 °C to +5 °C
  • Surroundings
    +25 °C and max. 60% RH

Refrigerated cake display cases: FLANTASTIC


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Moveable on casters (height 105 mm) instead of height-adjustable feet


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Refrigerated cake display cases: FLANTASTIC


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