Ice cream storage counters

Static cooling

  • Housing all of grade 1.4301 chromium-nickel steel, polished outside.
  • Base with convection cooling for storage.
  • Basin for ice tongs integrated;
  • available with or w/o well for fruits.
  • Freezer well: static cooling, suitable for ice boxes up to 180 mm height; all sizes GN- or ice-trays; supporting frame is an optional extra; insulated hinged lid with pneumatic spring; manual defrost
  • Storage base: coated fin coil evaporator with circulating air; fully automatic defrost; with hinged door or full extension drawer as an Option
  • Well for fruits: static cooling with contact tubing; for GN trays 2/3 or its partitions, insulated hinged lid; manual defrost
  • Basin for ice tongs: 100 x 200 x 90 mm incl. standpipe. Option: With cold water tap
  • Refrigeration unit with forced air ventilation mounted in the compressor compartment, electronic control unit for base, freezer well and well for fruits


  • Air
    -12 °C to -20 °C
  • Product
    -14 °C to -18 °C
  • Surroundings
    +25 °C and max. 60% RH

Ice cream refrigeration

Examples of use