Countertop heated display case

Countertop heated display case, height 530

Compact countertop heated display case for keeping food hot over a shorter period of time. Optimally suited for use in businesses with a small product selection and high customer frequency. Integrated easy change system for open and closed operation as well as for optimisation of low-load times. Display period of 1 - 2 hours

Easy Change: Slide-in front glass, therefore it can be used optionally as a service or self-service display case – in one simple step and without a tool.

Mirror-Effekt: Operator side with mirrored hinged door made of one-way mirror for visual multiplication of the selection of food and for optical expansion of the sales area.

LED-Beleuchtung: Brilliant display case lighting for an attractive product presentation. Long-lasting, heat-resistant LED lighting with natural colour reproduction ensures good and energy-saving illumination of your products.

Easy Clean: Optimum cleaning and the best-possible hygiene thanks to removable hinged doors, removable cutting board, tilting front glass and a glass cover that can be raised.


  • Use as display case with service or for self-service through slide-in front glass
  • Quartz supporting heat per presentation area for a perfect product core temperature
  • Heating plate as a display area consisting of tempered black glass with
  • hotplate below and stainless steel moulding
  • Operator side with mirrored hinged doors made of one-way mirrors that can be unhooked
  • Heat-resistant LED lighting
  • Glass cover made of tempered safety glass
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel type 1.4301
  • Full perimeter hook-in rim (except PRO version)
  • Pictogram control installed in the frame; primary heat and supporting heat separately controllable
  • Optional powder coating possible in all RAL colours


  • Product
    > +65 °C
  • Surroundings
    +25 °C and max. 60% RH

Heated Display Cases with Dry Heat

Examples of use