Heating Tower

Heating tower WT-58 BASIC Plus

Once-a-Day: From morning to evening. A tank system in the base provides a water reserve of approximately 12 hours when operated at full load. Easy removal of the water tank for daily filling, as well as acoustic and visual indicator of the water requirement.

Automatic programsWith 7 different automatic programs, perfect results are preprogrammed. Depending on whether you want to keep fish, meat, vegetables or any other food hot in your heated display cases, you can do so with ease thanks to the 7 pre-defined programs.

Pictogram control: Intuitive, easy and fast operation of your climate heated display case thanks to modern pictogram control with humidity, infrared supporting heat and primary heat.

Mirror effect: Back wall made of reflective sheet metal for visual multiplication of the selection of food and for optical expansion of the sales area.

Soft-close: Relaxed product removal. Gentle opening and quiet closing. Effortless food removal with just one hand thanks to the removal flaps with the soft-close system. At the same time, they provide protection against spit and coughing and help to ensure energy efficiency.




  • Product
    > +65 °C
  • Surroundings
    +25 °C and max. 60% RH