Heated Display Cases with Climate

An entirely new concept has revolutionised the world of heated display cases! Our innovative technology protects your food form drying out, thus preserving its top quality and fresh appearance for longer.

Heated Display Cases with Climate

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Perfect climate – perfect taste

Perfect climate – perfect taste

An entirely new principle has revolutionised the world of heated display cases! Innovative technology enables the uniform distribution of very fine water droplets throughout the display case, which creates a special, heating climate. This protects the food from drying out, thus preserving its top quality and fresh appearance for longer!


3 climate types – one single unit

By using the pictogram control system, you can select between “moist heat”, “dry heat” and “warm moisture”. The core heat of your food is maintained perfectly by the heating climate. Or, you can simply use the display case as a “neutral” presentation area. That way, you can optimise the use of a single unit during your business hours.


Easy Filling – once and (almost) for all

The BASIC Line heated display case provides you with an automatic visual and acoustic water top-up reminder every three to four hours. Moreover, there is no need to remove the food that is on display.

The Basic Plus version has a tank system with a water supply that lasts for twelve hours and more. Automatic refilling is also possible via a permanent connection to the water mains.

COMFORT Line – Perfection thanks to deluxe steam

Following a brief heating-up period, the steam generator in the base of the COMFORT Line provides a continuous, visible supply of steam for permanent humidification of the interior. This guarantees that the food stays hot and retains a fresh appearance even in self-service mode.

Express Change: Immediate response by a simple tap of the finger on the pictogram control.


Mirrors and light – an enticing presentation

Delightful aromas, fresh colours and an enticing display are the perfect ingredients to whet the appetite. Therefore, our heated display cases have LED lighting with warm colour reproduction and mirrored hinged doors for visual enlargement of the food on display. As a service display case, you have a fold-up mirror integrated under the cutting board for visual expansion of the sales area.


Always ready – from morning till night

The right climate can be programmed for every type of food. Therefore, it is very easy to use the heated display cases around the clock. You can convert it from an assisted service to self-service display case in no time at all without any tools. That way, you can create an enticing selection of food in the presentation area at any time of day.