Refrigerated service counters

Base refrigerated counters

  • Outside and inside completely in stainless steel: operator side of polished grade 1.4301 chromium-nickel steel.
  • Easy cleaning: solidly welded bottom tray with hygienic seam.
  • 3 body depths: for optimum usage of space.
  • Coated fin coil evaporator in chromium steel housing with circulating air; drip tray below evaporator.
  • Through holes prepared in the side walls for connection lines; without expansion valve; condensate water drain required on-site!
  • Door element with full perimeter magnetic sealing frame, changeable without tools; door hinge on left or right; doors open 180°.
  • For a surcharge: full extension drawers; perforated drawer basket each with 2 bottle dividers; carrying capacity 45 kg.


  • Air
    +2 °C to +10 °C
  • Product
    M2: -1 °C to +7 °C
  • Surroundings
    +30 °C and max. 55% RH