Non-refrigerated cabinets

Red wine cabinets

  • Body completely of stainless steel, uncoated; operator side polished chromium-nickel steel, drawer basket each with 2 bottle dividers. As individual element or attached to the refrigerated body (equipped with perforated side wall without adjustment slider as a standard).

Non-refrigerated cabinets: Red wine cabinets


Title Art Nr. Price

Adjustment slider installed in side wall

190525 162,00 € *

Axial fan installed in side wall

190526 244,00 € *

Electronic controller with digital temperature display for built-in axial fan

190527 282,00 € *


for door or drawer, installed

190010 45,00 € *
* Suggested retail price in EURO without VAT

Non-refrigerated cabinets: Red wine cabinets


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Accessories and options

Spare parts counters for beverages

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* Suggested retail price in EURO without VAT