Bootle and Liquor coolers

Schnapps freezer

  • Body completely of stainless steel, uncoated; operator side polished chromium-nickel steel.
  • 35 mm high chromium steel plinth.
  • 2 full extension drawers of chromium-nickel steel on top for approx. 30 shot glasses, bottom for 12 1-litre bottles with spouts. Frame heater for drawers. 
  • Coated fin coil evaporator with circulating air and defrost heater, condensate bowl under evaporator and heated drain hose.
  • Net content: 120 litres
  • Refrig. capacity: 270 Watt (evap. @ -30 °C)
  • Power input: 420 Watt
  • Temperature range: -5 °C to -12 °C
  • Refrigerant: R452A 
  • Mains voltage: 230 V 50 Hz

Bootle and Liquor coolers: Schnapps freezer


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for door or drawer, installed

190010 45,00 € *

Installation compartment, width 180 mm, with main switch, installed left or right

(please specify for ordering)

Expansion valve for refrigerant R452A installed

Connection lines lead out. Electrical installation up to the terminal box. Electronic controller with digital temperature display and defrost function.

290042 542,00 € *
* Suggested retail price in EURO without VAT

Bootle and Liquor coolers: Schnapps freezer


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* Suggested retail price in EURO without VAT