Prepare freshly in sight of the customer and serve immediately. SNACKY provides everything that is necessary in the smallest space to successfully implement your concept for the entire day and maximise your sales: attractive presentation areas, optimised stocking and the easiest possible handling!

Combination unit: Practically combined. Diverse range of products with small footprint. Compact unit solutions with different temperature ranges combined in one unit. Easy handling and impulse buying guaranteed. 

Mirror effect: Inside made of reflective sheet metal for visual multiplication of the selection of food and for optical expansion of the sales area.

Fresh preparing: Perfect freshness. Stocking of cold as well as hot food and ingredients under the pull-out cutting boards for day-to-day operations as well as for individual customer requests.

Easy Change: Slide-in front glass, therefore it can be used optionally as a service or self-service display case – in one simple step and without a tool.

Primary heat: Perfect heat transmission to containers and interior air. This causes product to stay hot longer with an optimum core temperature.

Supporting heat: Radiant heat from infrared heating. The heat that is guided from top to bottom provides a supporting effect for assurance of the optimum surface temperature and core temperature of your products.

LED lighting: Brilliant display case lighting for an attractive product presentation. Long-lasting, heat-resistant LED lighting with natural colour reproduction on all presentation levels ensures good and energy-saving illumination of your products.

Easy Clean: Optimal cleaning and best-possible hygiene thanks to rounded corners on the inside of the units, slide-in front glass, glass cover that can be raised and lift-up Evaporator.


  • Fresh preparation, immediate service and product stocking in the smallest space
  • Hot and cold area combined in one unit
  • Hot area with primary hotplate and long-wave infrared supporting heat to keep the food hot; equipped with additional black glass shelf for more product diversity
  • Cold area: energy-efficient air-curtain cooling for optimum product temperature, and additional neutral shelf for a more extensive selection of food
  • Use as display case with service or for self-service through slide-in front glass
  • Glass cover made of tempered safety glass
  • 7 1/2 GN presentation and usable area as well as 2 GN storage areas, refrigerated
  • Stocking of cold as well as hot ingredients under the pull-out cutting boards for optimum reaction to the individual food requests of your customers
  • High-gloss polished inside for mirror effect
  • Long-lasting LED lighting per level
  • Varied presentation of the food through different accessories such as GN trays and decorative inserts
  • With or without base: Base with extendable drawer GN 2/1-crosswise and usable height of 330 mm
  • Self-contained: With refrigerant R134a; Remote refrigeration: Expansion valve R 134a, lines lead into the base
  • Condensate: Automatic condensate evaporation for self-contained model; drain required on-site for remote refrigeration, or a condensate tray as an option


  • Air
    +5 °C
  • Product hot
    > +65 °C
  • Product cold
    M2: -1 °C to +7 °C
  • Surroundings
    +25 °C and max. 60% RH



Title Art Nr. Price

Electric condensate evaporation pan (1000 watts)

190220 682,00 € *

Condensate drip tray

(to empty manually)

253655 87,00 € *

Paper holder for Snacky WK 151


301901 246,00 € *
* Suggested retail price in EURO without VAT



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Description for tender
* Suggested retail price in EURO without VAT