Wine cabinet with two doors

Deep in the darkness of a cool wine cellar, wines reach their full maturity and develop a refined mellow aroma and taste. These attractive two door cabinets offer an alternative: the wines are stored correctly and visually presented in the most appealing way. New in the range is an elegant transparent model with double doors!


The clear panes all around the wine cabinet WKS 67-TWIN provide clear visibility to the wines stored within. The interior dimmable LED lighting ensures the wines are perfectly illuminated so the labels are presented perfectly.

The wine cabinet stores your wine at a constant temperature using an electronic control.  The bottles are stored at the perfect angle so that any sediment is deposited at the bottom of the bottle.  The wine can be enjoyed at any time without the wait!

The wine cabinet  WKS-76 TWIN, has all the correct components both visually and technically.  The wine cabinet is uniquely designed with high quality materials and is available in different RAL-colours and surface finishes.  The silent version offers quiet vibration free operation, which allows it to be integrated perfectly in any room.

As a result of the slightly angled shelves, employees will find the wine easy to handle.

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