We would like to say thank you for the long-standing loyalty of our employees

Good staff and long-term loyalty in the workplace cannot be taken as read in today's world. It's better still when you can count on the consistency and performance of employees. For this reason, we are particularly pleased that we have been able to present 9 people with recognition for their meticulous work, long-standing loyalty and trust.

The honours were presented as part of the traditional IDEAL Christmas party. The two managing directors, Mag. Norbert Forstinger, MBA and Franz Herzog, both expressed their congratulations.

Recognition for 30 years of company service:

  • Mr Wilhelm Raffelsberger, order processing employee
  • Mr Alfred Mayr, punching department employee
  • Mr Herbert Zimmermann, showcase departmental manager

Recognition for 25 years of company service:

  • Ms Gabriele Humer, bookkeeping employee
  • Mr Johann Pühringer, Gastronorm departmental manager
  • Mr Josef Höller, foaming department employee

Recognition for 20 years of company service:

  • Ms Gabriele Rainer, administrative employee
  • Mr Rudolf Pühringer, waste refrigeration employee
  • Mr Norbert Lang, Gastronorm employee

We see employee loyalty and training as a pre-requisite for the sustainable quality of our products and the lasting success of our company.

For this reason, it is important for us to pay suitable tribute to the exceptional achievements of our trainees. During the honours ceremony, we therefore also took the opportunity to congratulate Tina Pühringer on the completion of her final apprenticeship exam with distinction. Ms Pühringer has been a qualified office clerk since 01.12.2017 and in future, will support the marketing department as an assistant.

We would like to congratulate our employees on their exceptional achievements and say a sincere thank you for their long-term loyalty and many years of good collaboration. We are truly proud to employ such dedicated employees.