We are celebrating our runner-up world champion, Franz Kalss

The 44th WorldSkills, the international vocation skills championship, took place in Abu Dhabi from 14 to 19 October 2017. More than 1,200 participants from 77 countries and 51 vocations proved their technical skills during these days.

Our employee, Franz Kalß, winner of the State Trainee Competition 2015 and the AustrianSkills 2016, also prevailed at the WorldSkills in Abu Dhabi where he secured the title as runner-up champion in metal work.

Innumerable hours of hard training combined with the highest level of concentration and tremendous perseverance allowed Franz to excel time and time again in the preparation time. Through his skill and outstanding craftsmanship, he was able to leave almost all international competitors behind in the competition thereby securing the silver medal.

Naturally, it was necessary to duly celebrate this super success. For this reason, AKE management extended an invitation to a pleasant runner-up world champion celebration with numerous well-wishers.

We are unbelievably proud to have such a motivated and talented employee in our ranks and heartily congratulate Franz.

Sincere thanks also go out to Johannes Pöll, who took good care of Franz during the world championship, so that Franz was able to concentrate fully on the competition.