The importance of social involvement

High-ranking visit to IDEAL by Chamber of Labour President Dr Johann Kalliauer.

On 11.07.2017, we were able to welcome the Upper Austrian President of the Chamber of Workers and Employees, Dr Johann Kalliauer to Gmunden. His efforts are aimed primarily at improving the position of workers under labour and social law.

After a brief presentation of the company, our CEO's Norbert Forstinger and Franz Herzog guided Mr Kalliauer through the two plants of IDEAL. The Chamber of Labour President appeared to be enthusiastic about the performance of our products. Kalliauer was impressed by the constant course of expansion of the company, which was founded in 1945. During the course of the plant tour, Chamber of Labour President Kalliauer took the opportunity to talk extensively with our employees. The goal was to become familiar with the individual personalities, everyday life at work, the attitude towards the work and the concerns of the employees.

Among other things, the acute lack of space at the current location was brought up and difficulties in connection with expansion at the existing location. Mr. Kalliauer gave an assurance that he will help us in finding a solution regarding the project.

We thanked him warmly for the visit and informative discussions and are looking forward to the next meeting.

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