The presentation of Sushi is always a challenging issue, because raw fish must be stored at 0 to 2 °C. Our specially developed, self service refrigerated display case "SUSHITOWER" with a 360° visability through insulated glass is the ideal solution.

The SUSHITOWER features completely mist free lift up flaps made of Iso-Plexi.  This ensures your customers have a perfect supply of the goods even when there is a fluctuation in the ambient temperature.  As there is never condensation on the glass, the SUSHITOWER will act as a visual magnet, attracting your customers from all sides,  thus leading to increased sales.

A new appealing feature, is the carefully concealed LED lighting, providing a perfect anti-glare illumination to your goods, encouraging your customer to  make their selection.  When the goods are taken, the tilted glass shelves ensure the goods slip automatically to the front with constant pressure.

Using the brand new SUSHITOWER,  you can rest assured that your food is optimally presented and perfectly stored even when there is a need for increased cooling.

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