Success story: The Linz Music Theatre

The Linz Music Theatre opened recently. IDEAL AKE supplied the refrigeration units for the ANTON Restaurant and Bars. The result is a compact, clever combination of refrigeration units from the standard range, provided with an eye catching extravagant finish. This highly successful major project achievement is an optical delight.

The Linz Music Theatre is currently the most modern Opera House in Europe. In contrast to other venues in Linz, its sophisticated restaurant concept is within the theatre building. The designers Gregor Sinnhuber from Cooling Solutions & Services, designed five different areas in which guests can relax and feel at home: ANTON restaurant, Café Bar, Audible Bar, Stone Bar and Breaktime Bar.

The Theatre Café and bars in the main entrance foyer are powder coated in black and white with novel powder coated locks.  One of the many examples of clever combinations is the lockable glass basket drawers with front covers, to provide ventilation and avoid any dishonest tampering.

A visual highlight is the refrigerated glass door cabinet with a huge glazed area beautifully lit from behind to create an eye catching presentation display.  The combination and compactness of all the refrigeration unit is impressive.  Each bar has been designed so there is no wasted space; every inch is used effectively.  All this creates a perfect and easy workspace for the employees.

The restaurant ANTON is designed with details from the theatre. The open kitchen serves as a stage from which guests, seated in a cosy environment, can experience the art of cooking by Rudolf Grabner.  The adjoining wine area completes the culinary variety with four perfectly arranged generous wine cabinets.

The central cooling system is equipped with electronic, on-line monitoring and analysis, thus enabling remote control of all the refrigeration in real time.  In the event of any slight deviation of the cooling set up, or failure at any time, the problem is reported immediately and can be resolved quickly.  By using frequency converters, up to 20% of the energy costs can be saved compared to conventional refrigeration systems.