Success Story of „Green Barn" Netherlands

Fun, Food and Farm combined to a great concept! The self-service restaurant "Green Barn" offers its guests healthy and tasty regional products in the devices of IDEAL AKE.

Healthy, regional meals made of fresh products, this is the promise of "Green Barn", a self-service restaurant in Venlo / Netherlands, to its guests. "Green Barn" puts all its attention and great value to a “Green” footprint. The ingredients for the culinary delights are directly obtained from the farms nearby and depend on the respective season.

The freshly prepared snacks and drinks are offered in a combination of refrigerating and heating equipment of IDEAL AKE. The devices are carried out in powder-coated design. The guest has the chance to choose one of several freshly chilled drinks offered in a refrigerated cabinet. The hot dishes are served in a BASIC Line display case and in the SNACKY WK (hot / cold). Cold spicy snacks are also available from the SNACKY WK. Cold desserts are presented in a closed insulated glass display case of model GREEN to the guests. Finally, a refrigerated well for crushed ice was integrated in the self-service buffet. In the kitchen area 2 refrigerated and 1 frozen gastronorm counter have been integrated. The consulting and implementation of the project was carried out by our distribution partner AKE IDEAL NL.

In addition to the consumption of meals this extraordinary self-service restaurant has many offers for its "younger" guests. Children get the opportunity to get to know the delights of nature fruit-, vegetable- and herbal garden of the restaurant or they have even the chance to visit the animals their enclosure – you see everything is made like a good old farm since it was in former times.

To summarize it up – a successful concept for young and adults. It’s worth visit! - Whether after a hike, a bike ride or simply just to enjoy nature –

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