New products and innovations - Hold & Serve and more…

Hold & Serve - the innovative combination appliance is the answer to specific daily requirements and areas that are difficult to access.

More precisely, Hold & Serve consists of 2 separate appliances – the proven BASIC cabinet, which has been successfully positioned on the market for years thanks to its special features, and the new hot storage base unit. The combination of the two appliances creates the Hold & Serve!


  • Simple to fill even in areas that are difficult to access – saves time, money and stress
  • Products available at the desired temperature and in perfect quality
  • Guaranteed to perform even with longer standing times – food remains attractive – saves material and minimises spoilage
  •  Modular and flexible to use


  • Particular stability through highest-quality materials
  • One-way mirror visually multiplies the products and makes them easy for personnel to check
  • Magnetic door closure – doors snap shut especially tightly; ensures a consistent temperature range and minimises energy losses – while keeping hands free.
  • Optionally on adjustable feet or moveable on castors
  • Intelligent humidity, i.e. the appliance supplies only as much humidity as the food requires to stay fresh. 
  • Appliance is also simple to restock – including during ongoing operation – by means of a special pouring edge (snorkel)
  • Door elements with approx. 180° opening angle and robust door hinges for maximum durability and simple product replacement – particularly advantageous for soups or foods that spill easily.

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