Next generation FLANTASTIC

The next generation of the tried and tested FLANTASTIC has arrived. Simple to clean, with optimised handling and especially sustainable.

The FLANTASTIC insulated glass display case has been a proven appliance for many years; it was originally conceived as a cake display case, and due to its increased humidity of 85% it has been and still is very widely used in this area.

In the spirit of continuous development, the next generation of this appliance is now here, namely an improved FLANTASTIC that reflects market and environmental requirements.

So the new version FLANTASTIC offers the following new features:

  • Insulated glass lid with integrated gas pressure damper for even simpler cleaning
  • Instead of the previous drawer, a 3rd flap has been added with a pull-out glass shelf for particularly easy handling when removing and restocking food. The glass drawers also guarantee safe and simple cleaning.
  • Particularly sustainable appliance in terms of waste prevention: sustainability involves prevention, re-use and correct recycling. The ability to attractively store and present non-packaged goods such as cakes and gateaux primarily prevents refuse, while the attractive presentation increases the product pressure, which in turn prevents waste!
  • Maximum flexibility of use through choice between plug-in or centrally chilled models, as well as through the variable mounting of mobile castors.

Many more features have made the FLANTASTIC the top seller in the IDEAL AKE range for years.
Further details can be found on the relevant product page.

And what’s more, FLANTASTIC is also available as a combined appliance with a Grab & Go area. Your IDEAL AKE contact will be pleased to provide you with further details.