New LED-Lighting – Presentation of food in new light

We always try to follow up the most recent technical developments and to keep our devices state-of-the-art. Since a couple of time, all our refrigeration and heating devices are equipped with a specially developed ex-protected LED lighting meeting all requirements for professional LED lighting.

This new LED lighting is not only the best possible solution for your product presentation, but also convinces by the highest quality, durability and energy efficiency.

True to the motto "light attracts people" our new LED lighting draws the attention to your products your display cases. A high color rendering index means that their food is perceived with their natural colors. The new LED lighting has a perfect light diffusion due to the abdication of the spot optic. The advantage is thus obvious: no point reflections on glass and product.

Since there is no IR and UV exposure the new LED lighting is gentle to the illuminated products. Furthermore it does not contain any harmful substances for humans or nature.

The new LED lighting is characterized by a significantly longer service life, increased robustness and energy optimization. The LED lamps are much more energy-efficient than the fluorescent tubes used so far and the power consumption is far below conventional display case lighting.

Advantages of the new LED lighting at a glance:

  • optimal product illumination thanks to extraordinary light quality
  • environmentally friendly and energy efficient solution
  • much longer service life than conventional fluorescent lamps
  • versatile in use (available for cooling and heating appliances)
  • temperature resistance up to 60°C / 120°C
  • low heat generation
  • different colors (warm white, color for pastries, flesh colors)
  • 24 V