Meat Maturing Cabinet FRS FB

Matured steak – dry aged beef – is considered a speciality in upmarket restaurants.

The Meat Maturing Cabinet FRS FB, offers the optimal conditions for prime pieces of beef to mature with the result that is unsurpassed both in tenderness and taste!

The exceptional taste of the beef is achieved by the maturation process; uniform convection cooling and controlled humidity with a temperature around freezing.

The special “Dry ageing” process produces joints of beef with intense flavour and exquisite taste.  As a effect of the dry ageing process of meat on the bone, the meat loses approximately 15 per cent of its weight.  The dry edge of the meat is cut off, reducing the joint’s weight by a further 15 per cent.

The result is the speciality “Dry Aged Beef”: intense meat flavour, a tenderness like butter and an intense aromatic nutty taste.


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