HAVO Group AG: Successful showroom opening and full house

Our distribution partner HAVO Group AG since a couple of days presents the future of refrigerating and heating equipment of IDEAL AKE, in its new adapted showroom in Aarburg.

The opening of the showroom was celebrated by HAVO together with its employees on the 21st of March 2016. The Flexibility of IDEAL AKE devices and small-area concepts were the main issues of the day. In small groups, the employees got an insight into the product range of the IDEAL AKE devices as well as a technical training for the application of the product. The aim was to train the employees as well as possible so that they could give detailed information to their customers. After the training Havo Group AG invited their employees to meat and drink to celebrate together the new showroom.

In future the showroom will be actively used to invite customers to Havo and train internal employees to continuously provide them with new information.

Congratulations to HAVO Group AG to the nice showroom and the successful opening.