FLANTASTIC, the cake display for juicy flavour!

FLANTASTIC is the refrigerated display case with insulated glass for extended freshness and juicy flavour of your sweet delicaciers due to a humidity of 85 percent!

The elegant display case impresses by its extraordinary and functional design. The high transparency provides your customers and guests the perfect view at the product range at each level. The LED-bakery lighting gives a natural colour reproduction for an attractive product presentation.

The flaps on the operating side are endued with a mirror effect for a visual duplication of the cakes so that the display case will always look well filled.

The extended freshness of the products due to a humidity of 85 percent. Cakes and pies are visually fresher for long. This offers the pure taste to your guest!

Your service personal is optimally supported  to place and remove the cakes by the drawer at the lowest level of the display cases. Also the glass shelves on the other levels cann be pulled out for a simple handling and easy access. On the operating side you find additionally a service station with napkin holder, blade scarper and a holder for packaging.

The cake display case FLANTASTIC was shown for the first time at the fair HOST in Milan.  More details please find here.