“Convey knowledge – set trends” in the new showroom of AKE-Ideal NordCap B.V.

After the great success of the Innovation Lab at the HORECAVA Amsterdam in January 2017, a new showroom has now been opened at the location of AKE-Ideal NordCap B.V. Netherlands in Waddinxveen. On around 250 m² of exhibition space, it provides enough space to inform dealers about the latest state of the art and present different units and concept modules.

During the course of workshops, individual customer processes are analysed together and the customer-based requirement is determined. Based in this, customised and practical solutions are developed with the customer. Later, the concepts that are worked out can be integrated 1:1 in the end customer’s everyday life at work. This activity provides important support in decision making and creates particular added value in the service of AKE-Ideal NordCap B.V.

Product-specific workshops are offered in addition to the offer given above. They provide in-depth insights into the possible uses of the units and ensure the necessary technical know-how in working with the units.

If you are interested in a visit to the showroom, then Tim Schreutelkamp (t.schreutelkampremove_this@nordcapremove_this.nl) and Joshua Winnen (j.winnenremove_this@ake-idealremove_this.nl) from AKE-Ideal NordCap B.V. would be happy to arrange an appointment.

Feel free to use the following contact address:

AKE-Ideal NordCap B.V.
Kanaaldijk 34
NL-2741 PA / Waddinxveen
+31 85 104 3375
+31 85 104 3596