COMFORT Line – the only heated display case with active steam production

Appetisingly glossy dishes, optimal flavour, from the first to the last customer, and perfect presentation! The COMFORT Line top range offers all this and much more – the absolute highlight of the new generation of hot food displays.

After a short heating time, the device continuously generates very hot steam. The moisture benefits visual freshness and maintains the core temperature of your food range over a longer period!

The steam is distributed especially consistently and evenly in the entire interior of the display. With short climate switchover times, the displays adapt to your changing range of food. This offers maximum flexibility and maximum range of application all day long!

Thanks to the stable heat climate, optimal food quality and optics are perfectly maintained, even in self-service operation and with an open serving side.
When the COMFORT Line display is used in closed operation, energy consumption is significantly reduced.

The compact steam generator with an integrated descaling system is located in the perfectly attuned system substructure. This guarantees minimal service requirements - all that is required is filling and emptying of the water tank! A direct mains water connection is offered as an option.

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