Please your customers with this combination display cabinet. Your customers will love the "Grab and Go" selection of culinary food and drink delights! Next to it, why not display more delicacies to entice more customers.


The most appealing feature of the elegant combination display case has to be the multifunctional two temperature display ranges  from +2 to +4 °C and +4 to +10 °C  within just one single cabinet!

You can catch your customers eye by using product specific LED lighting in this simple, frameless panoramic cabinet.

Your employee can easily converse with the customer whilst preparing everything for the customer on the service side.  The cutting board, the practical cake board, adjustable glass shelves and containers for napkins and all the utensils are easily accessible yet not visible to the customer.

The combination display cabinet GREEN L-131-E therefore offers you the unique combination of perfect visual and multifunctional elements for successful sales!

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