Sustainability consistently conceived and made!


More than 1,500 tons of C02 avoidance and more every year.

Our products are not only developed and manufactured 100% in Austria, the use of materials and the production conditions are also based on a general awareness of sustainability and are therefore a fixed component of our corporate orientation. We are therefore well aware of our responsibility towards the environment and the next generation, and we therefore attach great importance to the avoidance of CO2 emissions and the sensible use of materials and energy.

In the last 8 years we have set several activities especially in Bad Mitterndorf with a long-term impact on the environment. Already in 2010 we invested in a heat recovery plant, which makes use of the waste heat of our production machines and converts it into energy = 30 tons C02 avoidance per year.

In 2012, we invested in a biomass heating plant whose operation with burning materials (primarily wood) saves over 200 tonnes of CO2 annually. By converting the lighting equipment to continuous LED lighting in the entire AKE plant in 2015, an additional 20 tons of CO2 can be saved annually. Thus, the sustainable implementation of these activities has already enabled 1,500 tons of C02 to be avoided, which corresponds to an emission of approx. 230 single-family houses.

Investments for the future. For our company, our employees and the next generations! They will thank us!