The highest quality results where people and technology do more than is necessary.

We have the latest technology and our sights set on the best solution for the customer. That way we produce refrigerating and heating appliances that optimally meet their desires and demands of quality, user-friendliness and energy optimisation.

Our machinery facilitates responsive production with the highest precision. We have no limits when it comes to the style and shape. Nevertheless, everything works only with our highly qualified employees – from the planning in a close dialogue with the customer up to perfect implementation on the machines.

The main idea

Packed with the latest engineering and with the best solution for our client in mind, we develop cooling units which fulfil all our clients wishes in terms of quality, user friendliness and energy efficiency. Our commitment focuses on rapid realisation of our clients requirements.


Nearly everything is possible for our IDEAL-AKE engineers. Special bespoke designs are common. Experience shows there is a solution for everything. Working in close cooperation with the client, our engineers translate and sketch the requirements of our customers.

Punch Press

Prompt response and perfection: our fleet of machines combine both. Equipped with high-end machinery like the automated combination punching-laser TruMatic 7000 – the fastest hydraulic punch press in the world – we are able to produce in multi-shift operation. There are virtually no limits in design and form.


Accuracy and qualification: The area of edging and shaping needs highly qualified staff to handle the 15 meter ultra-modern CNC controlled edge and bending machine. Complex working processes are finished with precision.


When welding, craftsmanship and dexterity are required, even when handling the latest laser-welding-robot in the world. For both conventional welding (WIG,WIG-MAG) and complex contours – everything is possible. The welding areas consist of: 3 types of laser, 3 welding robots and 2 linear systems. This technology is the heart of both companies.

Final production / Control

Quality is assured during the entire production process. To ensure all our products are in perfect working order, even under the poorest climatic conditions, and to fulfil the highest hygiene factors (United States, NSF and UL), we operate a state of the art quality control centre. 

All devices are tested in the temperature range of 18°C and 42°C with a constant humidity from 0 to 100 % and a cross flow of 0.1m/s.