Always Further. Always better.

Endlessly striving to improve things brings fresh wind into our company, and has done for more than 70 years.

IDEAL-AKE is a company with great tradition. We have stood for customer-orientated thinking, fresh ideas and trendsetting technology for more than 70 years. Our products and innovations are successful worldwide and have decisively shaped our industry.

The driving force behind or success is our enthusiasm – enthusiasm for technology and materials. It motivates us to start designing intelligent solutions today, for tomorrow and always with the greatest possible attention to quality, longevity and sustainability.

The high satisfaction of our customers is the reward for our work. We are thankful for this and assure that we will tackle our work in the future with the same enthusiasm and passion that has distinguished us to this day.

To shape the future through our enthusiasm.

Everyone has ideas. Whether viewed globally or in the microcosm, these ideas form the basis of all change, development and innovation. In our company, too, it is the ideas that continuously inspire us to further develop products, devices and technologies, to improve their handling or to optimize their energy efficiency.

Our entire team is involved in this process with great enthusiasm. Over the decades we have developed what we call a culture of ideas in which every thought is welcome.

Lateral thinking is not only allowed, it is desired and has become an integral part of the world of IDEAL.



Innovative products – conceived by us, made for you

Modern refrigerating and heating units fulfil far more than just their mere functional tasks. They prevail as decorative inventory, are easy to fill and operate efficiently, have failsafe technology for trouble-free operation and provide a multitude of design possibilities up to completely individual concepts.

With both its broad range and its flexibility by customizable modules, our product offering meets the demands of comprehensive food service solutions.